Special Announcement Regarding the Omaha Empowerment Breakfast

As many of you know the Omaha Empowerment Breakfast has been happening for many years in the Omaha metro area.  For those of that have attended, we hold this event very near & dear.
I’m sure you have noticed some changes in recent months, and I’d like to give the reasons behind those changes.
  1. We moved to the Omaha Kroc Center, we had planned to make that our permanent home for a long time to come.  They have just recently gone through some changes as well and in order to keep the price of the breakfast affordable, we needed to find another venue.  What many of our attendees have said is they like the fact that there is no “Club” to join and we want people to be able to attend as their schedules will allow.
  2. We also heard many of you say that they wished they could “pay online” so we were able to get that done with the help of the Bellevue Chamber and hope that you find that process much more handy and convenient. Late registrations / payments are possible at the door, but the price will be higher.
  3. Regarding the move to the Bellevue Convention Center. I realize this is another change in the last year; from the Regency Lodge to the Kroc Center and now to the Bellevue Beardmore Convention Center.
I along with the Bellevue Chamber want to assure you that we want to continue to provide all with a powerful networking event that you feel is a good use of your time.  I hope that you will come and see the new Bellevue Convention Center and we have a fabulous speaker lined up for our May breakfast!

If you any comments/concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out to myself or Faith Morrison.  Thanking you in advance for your support to the Omaha Empowerment Breakfast.


Madeline Moyer

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