Brent Pohlman is CEO of Midwest Laboratories. Brent took over at Midwest Laboratories solely when his father, Ken Pohlman retired at the age of 80 in 2020. Brent’s main goal is to continue to build on Midwest Laboratories’ rich analysis history.

Under Brent’s leadership, the company continues to be in full growth mode in the analysis areas of Human Health, Animal Health, and Agriculture/Environmental Industries. Brent gives credit to his excellent team of 278 full-time Midwest Labs Employees that continue to live by the company’s core values of “people first” and mission statement to be a positive influence at work and in the community.

Brent has a passion for self-care and understands how important it is with respect to bringing his “A” game to work every single day. As part of his routine, Brent regularly prays for his teams at home and at work. Brent released his first book “Leaders Look Within” – in May 2023. Brent is passionate about taking ownership of his heart to led a life of gratitude.

Brent attributes much of his success to his wife, Michele, and their five children. Michele has always stood by me with her prayers and support with work, family, and home. Michele and Brent are entering a whole new world as grandparents. Family is a wonderful gift and blessing and one that we both thoroughly enjoy.

Book Description – “Leaders Look Within”

Leaders Look Within – I wrote this book because I am convinced that leaders go through a transformation to look deeper within to find their true selves. The best leaders lead with gratitude, and that can only come from the heart to be effective. 

This book is for leaders, managers, executives, and anyone who is at home or in their career and believes they were meant to live with a purpose and meaning much more significant than themselves. I know I wanted to live a purposeful life, but it was only when I decided to truly own it and find it did it become something that resonated within me and that I was able to live more intentionally.  It is a process, and I provide you with some examples of how the process has transformed me to be a better leader at work, at home, and in the community.  

My hope is everyone will experience their own transformation to look deep inside themselves to better understand own who they are and live a life full of gratitude.

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