Michele Magner has a passion for connecting with people as we navigate the adventures of aging and caregiving!

As an experienced family caregiver, with many years in the Senior Living industry, she understands the challenges we are facing as we care for those we love.

A lifelong learner, Michele is a Certified Life Coach, Certified Dementia Practitioner, and Certified Conscious Aging facilitator. She earned her Masters Certification in Gerontology from UNO and is currently working on her Ph.D. in Gerontology.

She has volunteered with the Alzheimer’s Association for 8 years and supports the Dreamweaver Foundation, making wishes for people in senior living come true.

She continues to share fresh content and ideas through her podcast, Inspired Caring, in addition to classes, private and group coaching and consulting.

Her topic is “Redefining self care”.


Navigating aging and family caregiving can be pretty complicated and frustrating.  After years as a family caregiver and working with hundreds of families in senior living, one thing in particular has stood out that demands all of our immediate attention, self-care.  Michele’s lively message around the importance of taking care of yourself, and redefining self-care, is sure to leave you inspired!

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