Cancel or Substitute Request

If you know you cannot attend and have already registered, you may send a substitute. Just let the substitute alert the person at check in desk that he or she will be attending in your place. If this is past the late registration time, your name will appear on the list of attendees, not theirs.  If you cannot find a substitute, we may roll your registration over to the next month, but this is not automatic.  You must communicate with us. Notify us via the form below. If none of these remedies work, you may request a refund using the form below. Be advised:  Your refund will be for $1 less to cover our credit card processing fees. As a courtesy to our hosts, please adhere to this policy as we have submitted and will pay for all people that have registered. If you decide not to attend, or inform us after the deadline, or do not show up, your prepaid registration WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Thank you for your cooperation!


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