The FINAL Omaha Empowerment Breakfast Meeting.

Never want to say that the OEB has come to an end, but the end will come this month.

Sad but true.

The Omaha Empowerment Breakfast will be hosting it’s FINAL meeting on Friday December 11, 2020. We hope that you will plan to join us so we can “Thank” all of you for your support over all of these years!! This Breakfast wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Please come prepared to talk about any success stories you are willing to share, so many of us have made such long lasting friendships and that is what I am going to miss most of all. Whether you are a regular, came a handful of times we hope to see you all on the 11th.

It has been said of this group, you won’t meet a more dedicated group of folks who truly want to help other people grow their businesses, and give back where they can.

We are still meeting via zoom, and there is no cost however you do still need to register so we can send you the link! Thanks again!!


The Omaha Empowerment Breakfast Team
Madeline M. Moyer
Faith Morrison
Jeff Quandt

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