photo by Lane Hickenbottom/Omaha Headshot Co.

Is Your Team Ready to Win the Big Game? 

As a leader, you probably spend most of your time on the playing field. It is your job to move the ball forward. But sometimes it is hard to know what is happening when you are on the field. What if you got off the field and saw your business from a higher perspective? What might you notice? How might it be easier for your team to successfully execute the plays? And how will your best clients become your biggest fans? We’ll explore how lessons from football might be the key to helping your team win the Big Game. 

Janelle Roker helps owners, executives, and professionals navigate the chaos to reach that next level. She combines her executive experience with a love of football to create teams capable of achieving more than they believe is possible. She works with her clients through individual coaching, team building working shops, and public speaking. She is known for her “Perspectives” newsletter that challenges her readers to consider new ways of seeing old situations. Follow her on Linked In.

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