Jeff Quandt is a Digital and Inbound Marketing Strategist, specializing in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). His 30 second pitch is “I help businesses get found in a Google search when their prospects are looking for what they do.” 

Customers already know you and what you do…or should. People that are searching for your company by name, should find you easily.  Creating a Digital Marketing presence that helps your business get found when prospects are searching for solutions to their problem that you can solve is the foundation of SEO.

Jeff worked in traditional marketing for most of his career; media sales & sales management, non-profit marketing, B2B marketing, tradeshow / event marketing, and client services / business development at two advertising agencies.

Getting found in a search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duck Duck Go) involves competitive and keyword research, website design, social media, content creation, reputation management, and SEO. He has assisted his clients with all of these.

Jeff will provide a brief overview to help you improve your SEO or the ability to be found when prospects are looking for what you do.

Now semi-retired (as “retired” is not a subject in the Bible), Jeff devotes his time to cycling for mental, spiritual and fitness health. He also applies his Digital and Inbound marketing talents with several non-profit organizations. And as a bucket list item, is working for the TREK store Omaha as a bicycle assembler for fun and to feed his cycling addiction.

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