Jill Slupe is the President of the sales agency Verde Martin and works with for-profit clients to help them achieve sales growth. They help their clients launch new markets and products, implement strategic planning, reduce cost of sales, and improve the bottom line.  Jill is a frequent conference speaker, teacher and author.  In her book, Rule of Thumb: A Guide to Sales Strategy, sheleads the reader through the sales process and lays groundwork for a sound sales strategy.

Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time

Most of us respond to the rising demands in the workplace by putting in longer hours, which inevitably takes a toll on all of us mentally, physically, and emotionally. In this lecture, we will talk about how energy can be systematically expanded and regularly renewed by establishing specific rituals. We will start by identifying energy-depleting behaviors and discuss how to build and renew energy by looking at the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. We will then talk about the sweet spot and attempt to discover what you do best and what you enjoy, it’s important to realize that these are not necessarily mutually inclusive. You will be able to overlay your core values in your everyday behavior by asking yourselves what you stand for and what you want to be.  You will leave with a plan for a greater sense of alignment, satisfaction, and well-being.

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