Topic: Agile Mindfulness

Every Mind Matters, Creating Workplaces and Communities Where Every Person Thrives

In this powerful and insightful presentation, Nora Plambeck educates audiences through poignant personal storytelling, critical research, and practical advice. She highlights the shortcomings of current mental health strategies, rooted in a lack of public and individual literacy, leading to stigma and inadequate policies. Audiences will have an opportunity to explore a different mental health strategy operating model that adopts inclusivity, diversity, and personal agency for a lasting approach. Attendees will learn: (1) Applying a self-literacy framework as a central aspect of awareness and policy development; (2) Enhanced awareness of one’s own emotions and feelings, and the difference between each; and (3) Principles and research-backed tools for effective practices, policies, and approaches.

A testimonial for Nora: Nora is devoted to inspiring individuals to embrace their unique strengths emphasizing inherent worth. Drawing from her unique insights shaped by diverse cultural experience, living with and parenting a teenager with ADHD, and over 15 years of strategic coaching experience of helping organizations cultivate cultures of empowered teams. Nora brings a wealth of knowledge in understanding the diversity and strengths of individuals. “One of the best speeches – she had middle aged men in IT talking about feelings”, Nebraska Code Conference Attendee.

Whether you are a solopreneur or part of a team, you will benefit from this presentation.

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