Empower Breakfast

The Empower Breakfast is a monthly event featuring a notable speaker, access to business leaders and networkers and, of course, breakfast! Our first breakfast was started in Omaha in the year 2000 and continues to draw large numbers of attendees, including about 25% new attendees each month. The Omaha breakfast sells out regularly and early registration is rapid and enthusiastic.

Having seen how successful this event did, we believe it could be an excellent vehicle for local business owners in other cities to create add-on income, as well as develop a powerful database and build a high stature in their community, unrelated to their product or service. People would know what you do, but recognize the higher position of community leader you have taken on.


  • Profitable – $20k+/yr +
  • Regular exposure to community leaders beyond your existing business or service.
  • Build a reputation for being an influential leader in your city.
  • Build an active database of business professionals
  • Build relationships with 20-30 businesses
  • Low time requirement
  • Low capital investment
  • Low monthly cost
  • Provide business value through speakers and opportunity to speak.

Now, the fact is that anyone can put on a breakfast. But it’s a lot of work and may be a distraction from your day to day business. The breakfast itself, is usually a low return investment since one would have to charge significant amounts to cover the cost of food and the value of time you would have to invest.

Our offer is for one local business person to take on the role of Director of the local Empower Breakfast. We would provide an online database management tool that would handle the mundane activities required. We would also train Directors how to make a profit from the breakfast and how to fill the room with our proven techniques. We anticipate a Director could generate over $20,000 in annual profit for very little time spent.

The Empower Breakfast license is a one-time set up fee of $2000 for your website and opening kit, a 3-Year Market Contract Fee of $3000 and a monthly operational fee of $400.

If you’re a networker now, why not get paid to do it? If you want to be in front of hundreds of new contacts in a senior community leader role, this is your chance! If you’d like all of this for minimal time and cost, then why wait?

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