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Business networking breakfast | Omaha Empowerment Breakfast.

The Empowerment Breakfast 

The Omaha Empowerment Breakfast, mark 7:00 am the First Friday of every month for the Omaha Empowerment Breakfast.

The Next Breakfast - June 3rd








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Breakfast Schedule

6:30 to 7:00AM: Networking
7:00 to 7:15AM: Monthly Sponsors
7:15 to 7:35AM: 3-minute speakers.
7:35 to 7:50AM: Table Introductions & Business Topic Discussion
7:50 to 7:55AM: Speaker Introduction
7:55 to 8:15AM: Main Speaker
8:15 to 8:20AM: Announcements
8:20 to 8:30AM: Door Prizes
8:30 to 9:00AM: Networking

Upcoming Featured Speakers

Jan 2022 – Robert Hilkeman, State Senator, District 4

February 2022 – Lynn Hinderaker, Consultant and Talk Show Host

March 2022 – Rita Rocker
April 2022 – Jill Slupe
May 2022 – Jeff Quandt
June 2022 – Nicole Bianchi

Omaha’s Small Business Networking Event

The OMAHA EMPOWERMENT BREAKFAST is a down-to-earth, convenient way for small business owners and operators to network with each other and connect with larger businesses and agencies in the community.

The Omaha Empowerment Breakfast is Coordinated by

Michael McKee with ActionCOACH Omaha
Jim Barger
with ActionCOACH Omaha



Latest News

Rita Rocker – Speaker March 4th

Rita Rocker – Speaker March 4th

Bio: Rita Rocker is an international published author, life-transforming inspirational and educational speaker, communications and image specialist, and career consultant with She creator and host of Transformation Now! KPAO on Youtube. Rita is a...

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Lynn Hinderaker – Speaker February 4th

Lynn Hinderaker – Speaker February 4th

Hinderaker Empowers Audience on February 4 Consultant and Talk Show Host Lynn Hinderaker will speak at the upcoming Empowerment Breakfast. If you've ever eaten an inexpensive taco or burrito, Hinderaker has impacted your life. He co-created the first Value Menu for...

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Senator Robert Hilkemann – Speaker January 7th

Senator Robert Hilkemann – Speaker January 7th

Attendees will hear from Senator Robert Hilkemann, who represents the 4th District of the Nebraska Unicameral Legislature. Senator Hilkemann plans to speak on a bill he sponsored to allow sanitary and improvement districts (SID) to build off street parking facilities...

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