Losing his adult daughter and wife of 40 years to death, just 9 months apart, showed Paul David Madsen real grief. When attending grief support groups, he noticed that there were few fellow MALE  attendees. This led to his book, “Men Grieve, Too — Tools to Help Men Rebuild After the Death of a Loved One.”  Paul also hosts retreats and day-long seminars focused on helping men deal with their grief (NeverGrieveAlone.com).

Paul is the producer and host of “The Grow Your Biz Show” and “Behind the Words TV” which appear on KPAO-TV and several social media platforms under the growmedia.com branding. Prior to his work in media, Paul worked in all phases of the recruiting and staffing industry, primarily in IT and healthcare niches. Paul is a graduate of Dana College in Blair, NE

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