Ron Hernandez of Moving Veterans Forward was born in Iowa and graduated High School in Plattsmouth, Nebraska.  As a son of a career veteran, Ron served in the US Army for 25 years with an MOS of US Army Calvary Scout for most of his career.  He has been married to the his wife Kimberly for 36 years; they have 3 children and 11 grand-children.  While in the military, Ron suffered several debilitating injuries. However, his injuries have motivated him, rather than slowing him down. 

In 2010 Ron created a non-profit organization, Moving Veterans Forward, based in Papillion, NE.  They have touched thousands of veterans lives over the years.  Besides finding them sufficient housing, they collect furniture, clothing, and household items to provide a complete home for a homeless Veteran to move into.  100% of all donations received go toward helping Veterans, and non-personnel operations of Moving Veterans Forward.  Their mission is to give Veterans a boost so they can become self-sufficient.    Ron is aspiring to develop additional ideas toward further helping Veterans.  

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