The Power of Connections and Community

Sandy Spady embodies dynamism and influence as a public speaker dedicated to sparking positive change and individual empowerment. With an extensive background as a change maker, entrepreneur, thought leader, and visionary, Sandy masterfully connects with audiences, leaving an indelible impact.

Her profound understanding of conquering fear and embracing unique talents fuels Sandy’s passion for guiding individuals toward unlocking their true potential. She provides a clear vision through her guidance, nurturing dreams and passions into reality.

Within Omaha’s vibrant business landscape, Sandy is a prominent figure, leveraging her extensive network to coach and collaborate with professionals. With over 35 years of multifaceted experience spanning sales, team building, media television, print and radio sales, PR, and nonprofit ventures, Sandy is the astute Founder and CEO of Power Up Leadership Coaching & Consulting. Her visionary leadership has also birthed Women with Voices, a powerful networking group empowering women to share stories and triumphs. Sandy’s remarkable contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. She’s been honored with prestigious awards like the 50/50 Award in 2021 and the esteemed Phenomenal Woman Inspiration Award in 2023. Her expertise and influence have been showcased in eminent publications, including Strictly Business Magazine, Sister Speaker Spotlight Feature, and The Daily Record.

In her latest endeavor, Sandy’s entrepreneurial spirit manifests in the form of the talk show Power Up KPAO. Through this platform, she brings together community leaders and inspirational individuals, amplifying their impact and fostering a culture of empowerment and change.

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