Scott Asmus

“Scott currently holds the position of Program Director with SourceLink Nebraska. Driven by a genuine passion for nurturing Nebraska’s economic development ecosystem, his focus is on networking to improve the accessibility of business resources while equipping entrepreneurs and business owners with tools for success. Drawing from a background in business consulting and program development, Scott brings a vast amount of experience to his role. In July 2020, Scott began building the SourceLink Nebraska program to help entrepreneurs and business owners access Nebraska’s vast resource network.

Throughout his career, Scott has successfully supported businesses across various industries. In his capacity as a consultant, Scott assisted businesses by creating customized training programs that addressed workforce needs. However, Scott’s expertise goes beyond the realm of business. He possesses a comprehensive understanding of behavior modification and case management, which allowed him to approach business development from a nontraditional perspective. This experience equipped Scott with a unique skill set that enables him to effectively deliver services through collaborative problem-solving and effective program implementation.

As a member of the Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) at the UNO College of Business Administration, Scott maintains strong connections with an organization committed to fostering business and economic development. This affiliation enhances his network and provides access to additional resources and support, which ultimately benefits the entrepreneurs and businesses SourceLink Nebraska serves.”

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