Sponsor the Omaha emPower Breakfast

Promote Your Business to a Wider Audience

With the rebooted Omaha emPower Breakfast, your business can benefit by becoming a sponsor. In return for your investment, your business will be promoted on this website, in emails, and at the breakfast itself.


Total number of sponsorships is limited to 24 annually.  When Sponsorships are closed you can ask to be placed on a waiting list.

We are looking for established, committed companies to sponsor this monthly event.


  • At one breakfast event per year, your company will be showcased.
    • On that month, you will get to meet each attendee as they check in. Bring 2-3 people from your organization to help with check-ins.
  • Year-round, recommend speakers and topics that will benefit the Omaha business community.
    • Consider experts in your field of industry, that will also mention your company or their association with you.
  • Every month, refer your clients, customers, and vendors to attend and support this event.  
    • Market the event through your regular channels.  You can forward our announcement emails or create your own.
    • Tell your target market that your company is a Sponsor of the Omaha emPower Breakfast.
    • You have two seats at every event.  Two people may represent your company.
    • Or offer a seat to a client, a vendor, or a business associate.


    • To showcase your company at one breakfast per year.
    • Your company logo and name displayed at each event.
    • Your company logo and name printed on a hand-out sheet provided to all attendees.
    • Name recognition on advertising, mentioned as a sponsor in advertising.
    • You have industry exclusivity for Sponsorships.
    • Your logo and link to your website will be included on the website.
    • To be part of this long-standing Omaha tradition.
    • Attendees are encouraged to call you first for services/products.

    Instructions –

    As soon as you sign up to Sponsor this great event, we need a high-definition file of what you want on advertising.  It could be your logo and your name.  And name the location that your logo will link to (if any).  

    All 24 sponsors will be listed on a color sheet and handed to each attendee.  And they will be displayed during breakfast.

    We are limiting the number of Sponsors to 24; if you are considering it, DO NOT WAIT.  Once we reach 24, interested parties will be placed on a waiting list.  Be the first (& only) in your industry! 

    On the month you are assigned to showcase (present) your company:

    • You will get to meet each attendee as they check in.
    • You can bring flyers, business cards, or advertising material.
    • A representative from your company will have 5 minutes at the podium.

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